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10 Dogs Too Cute to Leave at the Shelter

Thinking of adopting? One look at these dogs and you’re bound to take one home today!

1. This Frenchie flashing her beautiful smile:

allison dog

French Bulldog Rescue

2. These puppy dog eyes that are just too much:

April dog

Dogs Unlimited Rescue


3. This pup sniffing out some potential fur-parents:

macie dog

Phoenix Animal Rescue


4. This dog chilling in the shade on a hot summer day:

valerie dog

Forever Husky


5. This lil’ guy you won’t be able to take your hands off of:

hubba bubba dog

Austin Dog Rescue


6. This furry friend that doesn’t need to see you to love you:

selena gomez dog



7. Those eyes though:

spot dog



8. This puppy ready to lick you all day long:

Joe Dog

Saving the Animals Together


9. This sassy dog:

Estelle Dog

Saving the Animals Together


10. This dog that can’t contain his happiness:

caterpillar dog

Baltimore Humane Society