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12 Fun Ways to Celebrate 12/12/12

Today is 12/12/12, the century’s last sequential date. We’ve come up with some fun ways for you to celebrate this historic day!


How did you celebrate 12/12/12?

1. Write a review of a nonprofit!
2. Commit to do one good thing a month for 12 months
3. Kiss your kids 12 times each
4. Kiss your partner 12 times
5. Find 12 items of clothing that you don’t need anymore and donate them
6.  Buy 12 bagels and drop them off at your local homeless shelter
7. Drop off 12 unwrapped toys at your local Toys for Tots location
8.  Give 12 compliments!
9.  Dance with someone for 12 minutes
10. Go for a 12 minute walk and breathe deeply
11. Donate 12 books to your local library
12. Donate to a nonprofit in multiples of 12

How did you celebrate? Let us know!