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18 Of Taylor Swift’s Most Charitable Moments

Written by: Susan Peters

Taylor Swift is one of the most powerful women in music today, but did you know she’s also one of the most charitable? Swift has topped’s most charitable celebs list since 2012, but she’s been making generous contributions since her career began.

1.When she basically broke GoFundMe.

It was the GoFundMe donation heard around the world. When 11-year-old Taylor Swift fan Naomi Oakes had to miss Swift’s upcoming concert due to rigorous leukemia treatments, her family released a video on YouTube hoping to get Taylor’s attention.

That they did, and as a result Taylor donated $50,000 towards Naomi’s medical bills. GoFundMe upped their donor limit to accommodate the generous donation.

2. And then she did it again..

Taylor1Source: GoFundMe

3. And AGAIN!

Taylor2Source: GoFundMe

4.When she absolutely schooled Apple Music.

Taylor3Source: Big Machine Records

While it may not be a traditional charitable contribution, Taylor Swift stood up for musicians everywhere when she posted an open letter to Apple Music, disagreeing with their policy to not pay artists during the service’s first three months of free streaming.

“This is about the new artist or band that has just released their first single and will not be paid for its success,” Swift wrote on her Tumblr.

Apple quickly changed its tune, agreeing to compensate artists during the trial period.

5. When she moved to NYC and was all like, I love you. 

taylor4Source: NYC & Company

With the release of her <i>1989</i> album came Taylor’s love letter to NYC, the track “Welcome to New York.” Taylor donated all proceeds of the single to the New York City Department of Education. In February 2015, the DOE received a $50,000 check from Ms. Swift. Taylor was also named NYC’s Welcome Ambassador for Tourism.

 6. When she became actual Santa Claus.

Taylor sent her fandom into an absolute frenzy during the holiday season when personalized packages began arriving at fans’ front doors. The phenomenon was dubbed ‘Swiftmas,’ with lucky Swifties receiving giant Fed-Ex boxes stuffed with hand-wrapped packages and good tidings from Swift herself.

Goodies ranged from necklaces, hand painted cards, and even a personal visit or two. One fan received a check for $1,989 to help pay off student loans. Now that’s how to get into the spirit of giving!

7. When she never missed a ‘beat.’

Taylor partnered up with ‘Naked Chef’ Jamie Oliver in “Bake It Off,” a hilarious parody of her hit song “Shake It Off” to raise awareness and donations for Stand Up to Cancer.

8. When all she had to do was stay.

Shining even more light in the Big Apple, Taylor outdid herself when she stopped by New York Hospital to visit fans. Swift was scheduled for a one hour visit, but stayed for nearly five hours to chat with patients and their families.

9.When she was feelin’ 24.


In honor of her 24th birthday, Taylor donated a whopping $100,000 to the Nashville Symphony. The country-pop star moved to Nashville from Pennsylvania at the age of 14.

Her donation came at a time of a financial low for the orchestra, which had to cut musicians’ salaries 15 percent. The symphony previously honored her with the Harmony Award in 2011.

10. When she dropped a couple mil in the name of education


In 2012, Swift pledged four million dollars to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum to build a music education center. Her donation was the largest individual donation ever made to the Hall of Fame in Nashville.

The center, which consists of three classrooms, a learning lab, and an exhibit gallery, is aptly named the Taylor Swift Education Center, and opened its doors in October 2013.

11. When she was all like, let the children read!

taylor7Source: WeHeartIt

Swift partnered up with Scholastic Inc to donate 14,000 children’s books to the Nashville Public Library system.

The books were distributed throughout the network of libraries, as well as donated to underprivileged children in the area. Each book had a template inside which read: “A Gift to the Children of Nashville from Taylor Swift and Scholastic Inc.”

12. And then made sure her hometown was reading too.

taylor8Source: Big Machine Records

Taylor also donated 6,000 books to a library in Reading, Pennsylvania. Swift grew up a few miles away in the town of Wyomissing, PA.

 13. When she wouldn’t let tornadoes get her down.

After a series of deadly tornadoes ripped through the South and caused massive destruction, Swift opened up her last rehearsal for her Speak Now tour as a benefit concert for victims of the tornadoes. The Speak Now… Help Now concert raised over $750,000.

14. When she helped out her childhood BFF.

taylor9Source: CBS Sports

When Taylor’s childhood BFF Abigail Anderson was raising money for her college swim team, Swift dove in to help. The singer autographed a personalized “Swift” University of Kansas Jayhawks jersey, which was auctioned off for just over a grand.

15. When she put her face on a water bottle for charity.

taylor10Source: UNICEF

Swift bottled up her goodness when she joined UNICEF’s Tap Project Initiative. Taylor joined many other famous faces as they bottled up their tap water to raise funds for people who don’t have access to fresh, clean, and safe drinking water.

16. When the rest of the world was black and white

taylor11Source: MusiCares

Swift teamed up with MusiCares “Be A Part Of The Heart” campaign by adding her picture to the ‘world’s largest photo mosaic.’ MusiCares provides critical assistance for musicians in times of need.

17. When she helped people stay afloat.

taylor12Source: Tumblr

Flooding hit close to home when Nashville went underwater in 2008. Swift donated half a million dollars to the American Red Cross for flood relief.

She made an appearance on a national telethon saying “It was really emotional for me because those are the streets I learned to drive on. People’s houses are just ruined. It was so heartbreaking to see that in my town, the place that I call home, and the place that I feel most safe.”

18. When she stood by her fans.

taylor13Source: Ed Rode

Cedar Rapids, Iowa was hit hard by flooding in 2008, so 18-year-old Taylor donated $100,000 to the American Red Cross to help with relief efforts.

She made the announcement while playing a show in Cedar Rapids, telling fans “You guys have stood by me, and I’m going to stand by you.”