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4 Nonprofits Giving Hope to People with Epilepsy

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According to the World Health Organization, epilepsy is one of the most common neurological diseases globally, affecting approximately 50 million people. It is stressful for those who suffer from seizures as well as family members, and treatment is key. By building community for people with epilepsy and furthering research on treatments and cures, there is hope for a better future.

These nonprofits are dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with epilepsy. Their programs provide educational resources as well as opportunities for community and skill-building. We encourage you to read about their important missions and help change the lives of many suffering from epilepsy.

Source: Chealsea Hutchinson GNP Page

The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation

Littleton, CO

The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation provides comfort and care for individuals affected by epilepsy and raises awareness about SUDEP, or sudden death for those who experience seizures. Their programs serve roughly 500 people per year all over the US, raising awareness about the complications of epilepsy. Their nonprofit invests in seizure response dog grants and provides medical technology such as SmartWatch and alert monitors to help those with epilepsy get the help they need.

The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation has gifted us with peace of mind that we are so grateful for. We received financial assistance to purchase a monitor to be alerted to nighttime seizures for our 7-year-old daughter. Working with the foundation was so easy and Julie is amazingly organized and supportive. –Angie D.2

Epilepsy Services Foundation, Inc.

Epilepsy Services Foundation

Tampa, FL

The Epilepsy Services Foundation is committed to helping people of all ages affected with epilepsy live a better life. They host medically supervised camps and retreats for epileptic individuals, and help them to navigate challenges and find community. In addition, their programs raise awareness, provide mentorship and support, and emergency medications to those in need. They serve 800–1,000 people in the West Central Florida region each year.

My son was diagnosed with nocturnal epilepsy. This was scary and confusing for me and my child. I did not know of any doctors who were good and would help me through this situation. But when we found the Epilepsy Services Foundation, the families who were already involved helped us find good doctors, and the foundation gave me and my son the support and knowledge that we needed to approach this diagnosis. –sainzss

Source: Dravet Syndrome Facebook Page

Dravet Syndrome Foundation

Cherry Hill, NJ

The mission of the Dravet Syndrome Foundation is to raise awareness and funds for research dedicated to Dravet syndrome and epilepsy-related illness. The nonprofit has invested more than $4.2 million in research grants, collaborating with researchers, geneticists, and clinicians to help discover new treatments and technologies. In addition, its educational programs include a three-day conference that brings together professionals to support individuals and families affected by Dravet.

When my daughter was diagnosed with Dravet syndrome, DSF founder Lori O’Driscoll showed me that there was still hope. DSF has been devoted to raising funds for research that will help lead not only to better treatments, but someday to a cure for Dravet syndrome and related epilepsies. DSF is incredibly responsible about how it spends its funds, and never takes its eye off of the needs of its community. I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful organization. –Abby7

Source: Golden Heart Ranch GNP Page

Golden Heart Ranch

Hermosa Beach, CA

Golden Heart Ranch improves the lives of young adults with epilepsy or other special needs through skill-building and community. The organization provides opportunities for activities and sports, camps, and events for disabled people to enjoy and reach their full potential. Their programs and events are hosted on their beautiful property and serve people from the South Bay, Los Angeles, and San Fernando Valley region.

Golden Heart Ranch has been a godsend for my nephew Tyler and our entire family. It’s like having a second home. Golden Heart Ranch provides a safe environment where Tyler can spend time and share a multitude of experiences with others. The smile on Tyler’s face when he’s at the ranch says it all. The joy we see in Tyler brings joy to all of us. Thank you for being there for our boy. It has changed all of our lives! –auntiecarolyn