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5 Halloween Treats You’ll Feel Good About Handing Out

By: Maria Losada

Halloween1Source: National Retail Federation

Pumpkins, cobwebs, and (hopefully fake) spiders are signs of Halloween creeping in. However, this holiday wouldn’t be complete without sweets like candy or chocolate. This year, the National Retail Federation predicts shoppers will spend $2.1 billion on Halloween candy. As consumers, the candy we purchase sends a message to big corporations, encouraging them to increase production and supply. Which corporations are we sending that message to?

Unfortunately, a “dark side” exists for the most popular Halloween treat, chocolate. Some of the biggest names in the chocolate industry do not take responsibility for labor exploitation and ecological impacts linked with their products.

The good news is there are plenty of Fair Trade chocolate and candy producers are making delicious options we can feel good about handing out. Not only do these companies use the highest­ quality ingredients, they also focus on every aspect of production, from start to finish. Cocoa cultivation is strictly monitored to prevent a 10 year old from harvesting cocoa beans for little to no pay. By providing fair pay and safe working conditions, farmworkers are able to invest more time and money in their education and health. “Good practices and good products go hand in hand.

While shopping, keep an eye out for these organizations that make it their job to ensure a high economic, social, and environmental standard for agriculture companies.

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Here are our top picks for delicious treats to hand out to trick­-or-­treaters this Halloween:

1. Divine Chocolate

Halloween7Source: Divine Chocolate

This chocolate supplier is co­-owned by Kuapa Kokoo, a Fair Trade cocoa farmer’s organization in Ghana. Try their dark chocolate raspberry bars or keep it classic with their milk chocolate coins. Additionally, when you sign-­up for their email newsletters, you receive 10% on your first order!

2. Alter Eco

Halloween8Source: Alter Eco

You can find 60-­piece tubs of chocolate on their website, perfect for trick­-or-­treaters. Check out their newest decadent truffles made with zero preservatives. Plus, there are some pretty sweet recipes on their site if you’re interested.

3. YumEarth

Halloween9Source: YumEarth

Chocolate aside, YumEarth makes organic lollipops, fruit snack, and gummy bears among other products. They provide Fair Trade jobs for workers in South America who cultivate their organic sugar, and grow their other ingredients on sustainable family farms.

4. Equal Exchange

Halloween10Source: Equal Exchange

This worker-­owned cooperative is offering a Halloween kit including 150 dark or milk chocolate minis, along with 150 informational cards on Fair Trade. Apart from that, you will find other products like fruit bars and coffee perfect for daily snacks.

5. Mama Ganache

Halloween11Source: Mama Ganache

Mama Ganache has you covered with seasonal, mini pumpkin chocolates, dark chocolate skulls, and other organic treats. Their cocoa beans are harvested from Fair Trade­ certified farms in Dominican Republic, Peru and Costa Rica. If you’re looking for baking chocolate, they have that too!

If you’d like more inspiration on socially responsible goods, check out Fair Trade USA’s Pinterest board here.

Let us know what your favorite Fair Trade treats are in the comments below!