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5 Tips to Attract Volunteers

The nonprofit sector has always relied on the generosity of others, but that doesn’t necessarily only refer to monetary donations. Volunteers, especially for smaller organizations, play an important role in allowing a nonprofit’s impact to stretch well beyond its financial resources. So are you doing all you can to attract volunteers to your organization? Here are some tips to do just that:

Be Social. . .

In this day and age, social media is the most powerful recruitment tool at your disposal, but it won’t mean much if you post a bland, text-only plea for help that users may skip right over. Content with pictures and videos will capture attention, and are much more likely to be shared and commented on. Volunteers will also be able to see very clearly the great work that you do and just how they’d be able to help.

. . .and Respond Promptly

A donation of time is still a donation. Would you wait several days, or even weeks, to respond to somebody wishing to write you a check? Then don’t do it to someone offering their time.

Offer a Challenge

Some volunteers will happily answer phones and e-mail or stuff envelopes if they are passionate about your cause, but others may be looking to pad their résumés by honing current skills or developing new ones. Don’t limit your potential volunteer pool by limiting duties to the least interesting ones in the office.


Be Specific

Let volunteers know exactly what they are signing up for—give them an actual position title and as detailed a description as possible concerning what their role will be. And although they are volunteering their time, no one wants to volunteer all their time, so let them know upfront the time commitment you are hoping for.


One of the biggest reasons people cite for not volunteering is a surprisingly simple one: No one ever asked them. Keep in mind that donors and people following you on social media are already passionate about the work you do, so don’t be afraid to start with them.