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6 Local Food Banks Working to End Hunger

An estimated 37 million Americans struggle with hunger, including approximately 11 million children. With so many Americans not knowing when they’ll eat their next meal, nonprofits and more fortunate Americans must step in to help. These top-rated local food banks and foodservice programs provide life-saving sustenance to those in need.

1. Minnie’s Food Pantry

Plano, Texas

Minnie’s Pantry Volunteers ready to serve amidst the Covid19 Pandemic. Photo Source: Minnie’s Pantry Facebook Page

The Plano-based food pantry assists those struggling with hunger not only to receive necessary food items but also works to help families reach long-term food security. Minnie’s Food Pantry treats every client with the utmost dignity and respect, helping end the stigma associated with hunger. This top-rated nonprofit serves nearly 10 million meals annually to clients in Texas and New York.

Minnie’s is more than just a food pantry. The organization also incorporates hunger-fighting programs into local schools and provides meals for veterans and seniors. Volunteers and staff also serve countless families during the holidays through coordinated food drives.

2. Hunger Fight

Jacksonville, FL

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Hunger Fight Volunteers at Arlington Heights Elementary. Photo Source: Hunger Fight Facebook Page

Hunger Fight works to end both hunger and illiteracy throughout Florida and southern Georgia. The organization provides nutritious, filling, easy-to-make meals to children, seniors, and families in need. In addition, Hunger Fight gives books to children, helping lower the illiteracy rate in these areas. By targeting one of the root causes of poverty, the organization hopes to create a future where food insecurity is a thing of the past.

To date, the organization has packaged and served more than 8 million meals to those in need. More than 51,000 books have helped preschool children learn to read, setting them up for successful futures free of hunger.

3. Society of St. Andrew

Big Island, VA

Brave volunteers of Society of St. Andrew. Photo source: Society of St. Andrew Twitter Page

Every year, Americans throw away approximately 30-40% of all the food we grow or purchase. That translates to millions of tons of food ending up in landfills, all while millions of Americans go hungry.

The Society of St. Andrew using an old technique called “gleaning,” where volunteers search harvested fields for salvageable produce that would otherwise go to waste. This salvaged produce is then donated to food pantries and other hunger-fighting programs nationwide, helping families in need receive fresh fruits and vegetables that would otherwise be left to rot. If we gleaned only 15% of all the nation’s food waste every year, we could feed more than 25 million Americans. The Society of St. Andrew exists to make that statistic a reality.

This top-rated profit is not only helping to end hunger; they’re doing it using a sustainable method that helps protect the environment.

4. Churches Active in Northside

Cincinnati, OH

Photo Source: Churches Active in Northside Facebook Page

Through their Rainbow Choice Food Pantry, monthly gatherings, cleaning services, and other outreach programs, Churches Active in Northside serve underprivileged families in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas. The goal is to end poverty by addressing both the physical and spiritual needs of impoverished populations. 

The organization also provides emergency shelter, clothing, and other assistance for families and individuals in need. An estimated 500 families pass through one of Churches Active in Northside’s programs every month, receiving vital services and supplies to nourish their bodies and their souls. 

5. San Antonio Food Bank

San Antonio, TX

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Photo Source: San Antonio Food Bank Facebook Page

The San Antonio Food Bank serves 58,000 individuals every month in southwest Texas. Their mission is not only to give people the food they need today but to give them tools to help them become self-sustaining in the future. 

The organization provides emergency assistance for those facing immediate hunger. But their programs also help clients stabilize their lives and address the roots of hunger: poverty, cycles of abuse, lack of education, and other factors. Then, the San Antonio Food Bank and its partners help clients learn about proper nutrition, wellness, and agriculture to give clients access to lifelong healthy foods.

6. ONE Spirit

Rapid City, SD

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Photo Source: One Spirit Facebook Page

ONE Spirit serves the most basic needs of the 40,000 residents on the Lakota Pine Ridge Reservation. The organization not only fights hunger among the Lakota people but also offers resources designed to improve the quality of life and help members achieve self-sufficiency.

The organization’s Allen Youth and Community Center provides food, community, education opportunities, and activities for members of the nation’s most impoverished population. Through this holistic approach, ONE Spirit hopes to end the cycle of poverty and help the Lakota tribe members realize economic and societal security while preserving the Lakota language and traditions.

To donate to these food programs, or to find a community food bank in your local area, visit our homepage. Your support will make a life-changing impact for families in need.