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Become a Life Saving American Red Cross Volunteer

Photo Source: National American Red Cross Facebook

There are local Red Cross locations throughout the nation – and around the world. As an American Red Cross volunteer you make a difference in the lives of people nationwide. When disaster strikes or times get tough, the Red Cross is there to help.

Consider donating to your local Red Cross location or become an American Red Cross volunteer and help make the world a better place for all citizens.

American Red Cross Volunteer
Photo Source: National American Red Cross Facebook

American National Red Cross

Washington, DC
Since 1881, the Red Cross has been helping people in need. In 1900, a Congressional Charter charged the Red Cross with assisting American servicemembers are their families, a charter they still honor today. And American Red Cross volunteers step in when there’s a disaster – big or small – within our borders or around the world.

In addition to these services, the Red Cross also established a national blood bank in the 1940s. Today, Red Cross blood banks provide about 40% of the nation’s total blood supply.

Your local Red Cross office supports your community, too. In addition to monitoring and providing blood for emergency rooms and first responders, the Red Cross provides critical, life-saving training for members of the community. Every year, the Red Cross trains lifeguards, nurses, first responders, teachers, and more in life-saving skills such as:

  • CPR training
  • AED training
  • First Aid training
  • Babysitter and Caregiver courses
  • Swimming lessons

But when disaster strikes, that’s when the American Red Cross volunteers really come to the rescue. About 90% of the organization’s responders are volunteers, making your local Red Cross the first line of defense against natural disasters, terrorism, wildfires, home fires, and more. No matter the crisis, your local Red Cross and the army of American Red Cross volunteers will be there to help.

Though we are highlighting just a few of the many Red Cross locations, you can find out how to become an American Red Cross volunteer on their website,

I can’t say enough about the efficient, effective, and compassionate care provided to our family by Red Cross volunteers. At every step along the way, from taking our first hot shower in more than two weeks to providing a hot, nutritious meal, blankets, water, ice, flashlight batteries, and prepared meals. Had we been homeless, we would have had a cot, pillow, and blankets to sleep over in a clean over-sized room.
-Scorpio, Client Served

American Red Cross Volunteer
Photo Source: American Red Cross Facebook

American Red Cross: Silicon Valley Chapter

San Jose, CA
In addition to the services offered by the national Red Cross organization, the Silicon Valley Chapter focuses on preparing for and responding to emergency situations. This local Red Cross chapter offers educational opportunities, safety and preparedness training, and volunteer preparedness to assist in an emergency.

In Silicon Valley, earthquakes are commonplace. Therefore, this chapter relies on the network of well-trained American Red Cross volunteers and an educated and prepared public to survive a major natural disaster.

The Silicon Valley Red Cross chapter reaches more than two million individuals throughout central California.

“This is a group of extremely compassionate, dedicated, intelligent people. Most of the work is done by highly trained volunteers who give up their own lives to help others…The staff is very small but mighty.”
-PrairiePetunia, Volunteer

American Red Cross Volunteer
Photo Source: Walla Walla American Red Cross Facebook

Walla Walla American Red Cross

Walla Walla, WA
Located in southeastern Washington State, the Walla Walla American Red Cross adheres to the mission and vision of the national organization. One thing this local Red Cross chapter does particularly well is to connect with the youngest residents over fire safety.

A dedicated team of volunteers goes from school to school around the community, teaching children and teens how to prevent fires, escape fires, and how to get help in case of a fire.

I know our disaster preparedness programs are important, and it takes volunteers who give their time to do these life-saving presentations, and it takes donors to help fund these programs with the supplies necessary to make the training stick.
-Cheryl, General Member of the Public

If you want to learn more about the American Red Cross or to get involved with your local chapter, visit our website at