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5 Nonprofits Bringing Clean Water to People Who Need It Most


UN World Water Day was March 22 this year.  

The recent Flint Water Crisis reminded many of us how much we need clean water for drinking, cooking, and bathing. Sadly, sources of clean water remain in short supply for millions around the world, yet it’s no longer headline making news.  

Fortunately, there are several great nonprofit organizations that are helping to bring clean water to people who need it most:



Charity: Water‘s mission is to provide clean, drinkable water to developing nations and has raised $43 million dollars so far to fund more than 4,000 projects in 19 countries that will serve over two million people with clean water.

“I have been volunteering for Charity Water for five years and they are a top notch organization. They are very prudent with their expenses and use an extensive volunteer base whenever possible. I have worked for dozens of other charities throughout the years and Charity Water is hands down the best experience I have had with non-profits,”

-Charity: Water Volunteer



Clean Water For Haiti serves local families by installing Biosand water filters and educating people about water sanitation and hygiene.

“This is a ‘grass-roots’ organization that is working very hard to provide clean, safe water and the hygiene education to go with it to the people of “the most water-impoverished nation” on the planet. Furthermore, they are doing this in such way that local economy in Haiti is benefiting and the culture is both respected and positively impacted.”

– Clean Water For Haiti Volunteer


The Clean Water Fund builds grassroots support and brings diverse constituencies together to work for changes that improve a local community’s environment.


Environmental Defense Incorporated is a national organization that works to create and advocate solutions to environmental problems that win lasting political, economic and social support. The Environmental Defense Fund represents more than 700,000 and believes that a sustainable environment will require economic and social systems that are equitable and just.

“EDF is a passionate nonprofit that continually keeps me informed on important environmental news. They make it really easy to not only stay informed, but to also take action. Their recommended letters to senators and members of congress are a great way to voice your opinion. I know that my one letter doesn’t matter, but if enough of us send them it makes an impression. Strength in numbers! I highly recommend joining EDF in their fight to make our planet better,”

-Environmental Defense Incorporated Volunteer


Just One Africa focuses on educating and distributing tools to help more Kenyans reach clean water.

“Everyone can relate to the mission of Just One Africa as the need for clean water is universal. Multiple avenues for participation are available so that people from all walks can help lift lives and experience the feeling of joy that comes with it. Whether providing clothing, educational supplies, buying a bracelet, or donating financially in any amount, all are important contributions that Just One uses to enrich the lives of the African people. The passion of this organization is truly wonderful,”

-Just One Africa Volunteer