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Congratulations to our 2018 Top-Rated Nonprofits!

Dear 2018 Top-Rated Nonprofits,

Congratulations on earning a 2018 GreatNonprofits Top-Rated Award! It’s clear the impact you’ve had this year based on the heartwarming stories that your volunteers, donors, and community members have shared.

Record Number of Top-Rated Nonprofits

We’re proud to announce that this year, over 2,200 nonprofits received a Top-Rated award, shattering previous records! This goes to show that—even in a year as challenging as this one—nonprofits continues to provide a vital array of services, benefits and care to their communities.  

Wear your Badge Proudly

Show your donors, volunteers and community that you are a 2018 Top-Rated Nonprofit!  You worked hard to serve your community all year round; now it’s time to showcase your well-earned Top-Rated Award. Include your Top-Rated badge on your website, fundraising letters, and social media.  

Fill Your Social Media with Stories

For Giving Tuesday or any day this holiday season, continue to post stories from your GreatNonprofits page. Share these inspirational stories to show how you make a difference in your community. This will encourage potential donors and volunteers to contribute to the impactful work you’re doing.

More Than Any Advice, a Thank You

There wouldn’t be a Top-Rated Award if there weren’t Top-Rated nonprofits. Thank you for all of the time, energy and resources you spend making the world a better place. We appreciate you.

The GreatNonprofits Team