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Do Your Research

How many times have you read online reviews this week?

These days, it’s become second nature to read online reviews. A business’ online reputation is everything. The same should be true for nonprofits. You read reviews before you spend money at a new restaurant, or on electronics, why not read reviews before you give to charity?

The best way to learn about a nonprofit’s impact is to read about it firsthand from donors, clients and volunteers. The homeless mom who was given shelter, the 3rd grade class that got to clean up a beach, the donor who saw their money directly at work; these are the testimonials that are so important when making the decision to give.

And if you have given time or other resources to a nonprofit, make sure you write a review of your own experience.

Have online reviews influenced your decision to donate? What do you look for in reviews before you decide to give? What does not weigh into your donation decisions?