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The GreatNonprofits Fundraising Checklist

Storytelling and fundraising go hand in hand, but sometimes the path from a great story to actual donations can seem a little fuzzy. We’re breaking the storytelling process down into a step-by-step path to fundraising success in this handy fundraising checklist.

1. Invite Stories – Use this Template 


Dear Friend,

If you love our work then tell the world! You have an opportunity to help us make an even bigger difference in our community. GreatNonprofits — the #1 Source of Nonprofit Stories and Feedback — is honoring highly regarded nonprofits with their 2016 Top-Rated List.

Won’t you help us boost visibility for our work by posting a brief personal story of your experience with us? All content will be visible to potential donors and volunteers. It’s easy and only takes 3 minutes! Go to [INSERT YOUR PROFILE PAGE URL] to get started!

2. Storytelling Fundraising CheckList

July:  Invite Stories

  • Use the GreatNonprofits email template and encourage your community – volunteers, beneficiaries, donors – to submit a story about their experience with you.

Nonprofits with at least 10 positive stories receive the Top-Rated Award

  • Identify people who have compelling stories to tell, send them a personalized note to ask for them to share their story.

August: Select Stories for Print

  • Direct Mail:  Select the most compelling stories to be featured in your direct mail
  • If you received a Top-Rated award, add the Top-Rated Badge to your website or Direct Mail

September:  Create Brand Awareness

  • Post stories on your social media

October:  Invite Stories

  • Invite your last stories for the Top-Rated awards.  Deadline is October 31st.
  • At your Volunteer Training, show/tell your volunteer stories
  • After your volunteering event, ask for stories

November: Select and Promote your Stories

  • Website:  Add your most compelling stories to your homepage, as well as donation page
  • Board Fundraising letter:  Add your most compelling story
  • Gala, holiday party, or end-of-year show: A client, volunteer or donor can speak and tell their story at the event.  Include stories in program brochure, or slides being displayed.
  • If you received a Top-Rated award, use the Press Release template and send out to the Press Contacts list provided.

December: Turn Your Stories Into Donations

  • Tuesday, Dec X:  Add stories to your Giving Tuesday social media posts, and emails
  • Donor/Volunteer Email #1:  Include a story from a donor, volunteer or beneficiary.
  • Donor/Volunteer Email #2:  Include a story from a donor, volunteer or beneficiary.
Download Fundraising Checklist

Now go get started sharing your organization’s most powerful stories! Be sure and let us know how it goes in the comments below. Good luck!