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Help These Organizations Inspire Change Through Environmental Education
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Learning How to Take Care of Our Planet

Our environment is our home, and taking care of it is a top priority. Educating the public on environmental issues is becoming more and more critical and education in schools, public parks, and via publications are all ways of spreading awareness and understanding how we can better take care of our planet.

GreatNonprofits has put together a list of organizations making a difference in environmental education. By empowering future leaders, engaging communities, and advocating, these nonprofits’ missions all have one common goal: to inspire people to do their part in protecting our planet.

Photo by: National Parks Conservation Association

National Parks Conservation Association

Washington, D.C.

The National Parks Conservation Association is dedicated to protecting U.S. national parks through research, advocating, and environmental education efforts. It partners with community members, businesses, landowners, and activists to promote legislation and advocate for the need for preservation of public land by engaging and educating the public.

National parks are a true treasure and one that needs protecting. The National Parks Conservation Association takes that job seriously. Since we first fell in love with national parks we’ve been donating to the NPCA and have loved the educational updates, historical background, and opportunities to stay connected to our nation’s treasures, our parks! –Laura Cleveland S.

Source: Conserve School

Conserve School

Land O’ Lakes, WI

Conserve School inspires high school students to take better care of our environment. Roughly 120 students per year spend 16 weeks on the 1,200-acre wilderness campus and experience an immersive environmental education program outdoors. This semester school helps to build future leaders who care about protecting the natural environment and our planet.

I was lucky enough to attend Conserve School in the spring of 2011. The staff is made up of supportive and passionate people. I take the classroom teachings and outdoor experiences with me everywhere I go. One semester taught me the importance of exploration, sustainability, and independence. Conserve School changed my life and the way I view the natural world. It is a perfect school for any high schooler interested in the world, no matter their experiences. –BreeR

Berkshire Environmental Action Team Volunteers

Berkshire Environmental Action Team

Pittsfield, MA

Berkshire Environmental Action Team (BEAT) engages the public in environmental education through citizen-science in the western edge of Massachusetts. Their network serves as an organizing tool and a way to connect the environmental community. Their projects encourage things like riverside cleanups, monitoring wildlife habitat, and wildlife road crossings. They run a website and newsletter that provide information about activities, events, legal issues, and calls to action.

The Berkshire Environmental Action Team is a prime example of how the local and the global can mesh. They’re doing great work in the mountains of Massachusetts, where they’ve helped block pipelines, but they also connect it up to the rest of the world. This is precisely the mix we need! –billmckibben

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Grist Magazine

Seattle, WA

Grist Magazine’s goal is to engage and educate young adults in the fight against climate change. The online publication offers environmental news and commentary mixed with humor to appeal to their main audience in their 20s and 30s. This daily environmental journalism is led by scientists, educators, congressional staff, and leaders of environmental organizations with about 2 million readers per month.

Grist does an outstanding job of collecting and synthesizing the major environmental newsworthy stories every day, and providing a link to the source of the story. This useful service is an excellent help in keeping current on a broad array of environmental issues. –lowsmith

Kids at Camp Unalayee

Camp Unalayee Association

Palo Alto, CA

Since the 1950s, the Camp Unalayee Association has been hosting a wilderness camp for kids (ages 10–17)  from all walks of life. The goal of the camp is to provide youth with self-confidence and a cooperative mindset, while instilling in them an appreciation for nature. They develop wilderness skills while backpacking and exploring, and cooking their own meals with their peers. It provides scholarships to about 145 campers per year to attend the camp.

A great way to nurture community! My daughter went to Unalayee and loved it! She will never forget carrying the shovel on the trail! I will never forget how thrilled she was to explore the wilderness among friends, the wide-open sky, forever in her heart. –Sheva