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Public Interest Law Nonprofits Working to Create a More Equitable Society

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Public interest law focuses on social and societal issues impacting marginalized communities throughout the United States and worldwide. These invaluable organizations create lasting, meaningful change in a wide variety of sectors and geographic areas. Nonprofit public interest law groups give these marginalized groups access to high-quality legal representation they may not have had otherwise.

If you want to support these public interest law nonprofits’ work, please consider donating to these organizations. You can also find out more about Top-Rated nonprofits in your area through the GreatNonprofits website

Her Justice

Her Justice

New York, NY

Her Justice addresses systemic poverty for women in New York. Public interest lawyers represent these women without charge, helping them address and overcome the barriers they face.

Her Justice serves more than 9,000 women each year – strong, capable women who face extraordinary challenges. The legal volunteers help these women and their children gain access to vital services they need to secure a more equitable and prosperous future for themselves and their families.

“I had knocked on many organizations’ doors, and nobody was able to assist me until I came to Her Justice. This organization not only provided me with legal assistance but also with moral support; I felt secure and comfortable throughout the process. After I came in contact with Her Justice, my life had a new beginning. I feel secure about who I am, and with that, I can continue my life and be children’s support. I am thankful to God for putting Her Justice in my way.”

-Client Served


Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

Chicago, IL

For 40 years, the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless has been advocating for the right to housing for all citizens. This organization helps more than 6,000 homeless and housing insecure people throughout Chicago by providing free legal assistance and access to many other services.

In addition to providing housing services and free public interest law support, the organization also advocates for social and government policies that impact housing stability. They believe that housing is a human right, and their team focuses on crafting policy that will one day end homelessness in Chicago.

“The CCH does incredible work. They make a difference every day through their policy work, advocacy, and direct legal outreach to people experiencing homelessness. The fact they don’t accept government funding puts CCH in a unique position to enact real change. CCH is a focused and visionary group that I’m proud to support.”

-Megan Finkelman, Board Member

Source: Southern Center for Human Rights Facebook Page

Southern Center for Human Rights

Atlanta, GA

The Criminal Legal system creates unfair disadvantages for minority and underprivileged communities, particularly in the Deep South. The Southern Center for Human Rights works to create a world free from mass incarceration, the death penalty, racial injustice, and the criminalization of poverty.

Georgia has the highest incarceration rate in the country, a staggering 73% higher than the next highest incarceration state. With research showing that mass incarceration disproportionately affects people of color, the SCHR recognizes the parallels between systemic racial injustice and the correctional system. 

“The work of the Southern Center is critical. In a world where the justice system and society sometimes gets it wrong, the Southern Center pushes hard to make it right again. I am proud of all they have done and proud of what they will continue to do for the better-making of mankind.”

-Germaine, Volunteer

Source: Partners for Women and Justice Inc Facebook Page

Partners for Women and Justice, Inc.

Bloomfield, NJ

Partners for Women and Justice provides free legal counsel to victims of domestic violence. Volunteer attorneys provide high-quality legal advice and representation in all matters of family law. 

First and foremost, Partners helps women leave dangerous situations, seek out legal protections, and gain access to the services and resources to create safe and secure lives for themselves and their children.

“Partners do not just advocate for their client that walks through their door and is provided legal representation. They fight for victims of domestic violence at all times, consistently working towards better policy measures, providing access to justice for any and all victims seeking help, and they do so with an empathetic heart making everyone who walks through feel seen, heard, and fought for.”

-Casey Murphy, Volunteer

Community Legal Advocates of New York

Garden City, NY

Community Legal Advocates of New York is a private, nonprofit public interest law organization offering free legal services to low-income and underserved communities in New York.

Attorneys and other volunteers help clients navigate the legal system and gain access to vital services and resources. Areas of law include immigration, public benefits, wills, and estate planning, probate, and other civil matters.

“They truly made a difficult time in our life more manageable. Thankful for their professionalism and sensitivity to our situation.”

-RayMia, Client Served

If you want to help underprivileged communities access high-quality public interest law services, please consider donating to one of these organizations. You can discover other organizations in your area on the GreatNonprofits website