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Spotlight: Organizations Helping Kids

With summer break over and school back in full swing, kids are on our minds more and more.  That said, the sad reality is that thousands of children don’t have access to adequate education, medical care, or even clothing in their lives.  This fall, lend a helping hand to those kids who fall through the cracks by volunteering or donating to a great organization.  Here are just a few of the countless nonprofits that work towards enhancing the lives of kids around the country.

Featured Nonprofits:

In2Books connects children who are struggling to read and write proficiently with adult eMentors.  Through online “pen pal” discussion about the books the children and eMentors read together, kids become excited about reading and writing.

“In sharing my own stories and thoughts, I am able to connect with a child that I know I am impacting not only now, but also into the future with the gift of literacy. To watch a child learn and grow as a student and as a reader is one of the most fulfilling volunteer opportunities I have ever been awarded, and I highly recommend the ePals Foundation to any would-be educator who just wants to make a difference.”

Hope Stone brings arts to at-risk youth through dance, theater, and music classes, exposes them to modern performances by their professional dance company, and nurtures their growth through the arts.

“The afterschool programs for “children at risk” teaches them responsibility along with the arts: dancing, drums, theater and exercise. Each year this group is provided the opportunity to see live theater, free! Many times it’s their only experience visiting a theater, seeing a live performance and then talking about it’s impact on them after.”

The Art of Elysium provides artistic workshops in acting, art, fashion, music, creative writing, and more, taught by professional artists to kids battling serious medical conditions.

“They go from feeling inspired by a kid that has an amazing spirits despite his illness and loves drawing with the art of Elysium volunteers, to help a kid that doesn’t feel inspired to play with us and by the time you leave he has finished his painting and even better he has a smile on his face.”

My New Red Shoes provides clothing and shoes for homeless children so that they are able to enter school confident and proud in the fall with brand-new clothes.

“I’ve seen the faces and gratefulness of the children and their parents at Back to School parties where the children get their new shoes and gift cards. I’ve seen the volunteers helping out and feeling as if they got a gift too just by being there and helping. A true feel good experience.”

Story Submissions:

Last but not least, thank you to all the nonprofits who submitted their stories to our blog!  Here’s a closer look at the stories of two of those organizations that dedicate their work towards helping kids.

Making Headway Foundation provides comfort supports to children with brain and spinal cord tumors as they undergo hospitalization and family therapy and counseling afterwards.  They also fund medical research dedicated to finding better treatments and a cure.

“From the research they support to the hugs they offer a parent in a waiting room and from the vast knowledge they put at parents’ fingertips to the fun social activities they offer for the kids, the people at Making Headway are on mission to improve lives, one minute and one day at a time.”

Story behind the photo: “Making Headway Foundation held it’s annual Family Fun Day picnic in June.  Pediatric Brain and Spinal Cord Tumor patients were given a respite from the rigors of treatment on this special day.”

ArtWorks, The Naomi Cohain Foundation brings creative and performing arts opportunities to children and young adults suffering from chronic illnesses.  The kids are able to showcase their art, music, and dance in ArtWorks Express Yourself concerts and exhibitions.

“Engaging in the arts is not only enjoyable, it is an invaluable tool in helping children and families to cope with distress throughout serious illness and hospital experiences. Several patients who used to dread coming to the hospital for transfusions and other procedures now look forward to visits because they know they’ll get to create art using materials from our beautiful Surprise!Supplies art cart!”

Story behind the photo: “After nervously reading her poem, Adrian was filled with pride as she declared “I did it!” at the ArtWorks Express Yourself creative exhibition in New York.”

Have your own story to share about an organization that helps kids?  Tell us here!