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Top-Rated Subsidized Housing Nonprofits Giving Hope a Home

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In 2016 – long before Coronavirus decimated jobs and made housing even more scarce – more than 18.5 million American households were spending more than half their income on housing. Since that statistic emerged, there has been little headway on creating income equality or providing more subsidized housing or low-income housing options.

We all know that having safe, secure housing plays a huge role in our future success. Without that security, many families can’t plan for a future, save for their children’s’ college funds, or plan for retirement.

However, these nonprofit organizations are working to change that dynamic for American families. They’re helping individuals and families identify and secure subsidized and low-income housing so that these hard-working families can begin to feel hope.

Please take a moment to read about these organizations. Then, consider donating your time or your money to these nonprofits or other subsidized housing organizations in your community.

Subsidized Housing
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A Home in Community

Corvallis, OR
A Home in Community provides community housing options to low-income individuals with disabilities. The organization recognizes that living in community with others is vital to physical, emotional, and mental health. Therefore, the organization purchased a multi-unit facility in Corvallis and offers low rental rates and subsidized housing to those in need.

A Home in Community is hoping to expand its co-housing model to other locations across the United States. The organization educates other communities about the importance of creating accessible and visitable spaces to create a sense of belonging for those that might otherwise not have the option.

My apartment at CoHo Ecovillage is the first apartment home that I’ve had in my 40years as an adult. I feel like part of the community at CoHo by enjoying the benefits such as friendships, assistance, and learning from others while being able to give back to the community by contributing my time and abilities to further the goal of CoHo Ecovillage.
-volpemr, Client Served

Subsidized Housing
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Wesley House Student Residence

San Diego, CA
Wesley House’s vision is to provide equal access to quality housing for low-income college students who might not otherwise afford to live on campus. When students don’t have to worry about where they will live, they are free to focus on their education, therefore increasing their chance for success.

Wesley House is the only below-market housing option for low-income students in the San Diego area. Those who live in the house not only have access to quality housing, but also receive additional support services to foster a greater sense of belonging, self-esteem, and accomplishment.

The organization houses 34 students each year.
The students who join the organization not only get affordable rent on campus, but they get a caring team that helps them each step of the way as they earn their degrees. Whether it be their help with onsite services or back patio educations sessions, the students benefit in many ways by being a part of the Wesley House family.
-BrandonKurz, Board Member

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Corporation for Supportive Housing

New York, NY
CSH started with a dream: what if every person who is currently homeless could be given a place to live, and surrounded with the services they need to get back on their feet?

The result is the Corporation for Supportive Housing: an initiative dedicated to helping communities create low-income housing options for everyone. The organization works with local leaders, developers, and planners to fund affordable and subsidized housing projects, give low-income individuals the services they need to thrive and advocate for policy changes that will end homelessness for good.

So far, the organization has been instrumental in creating 200,000 homes for those in need in 40 states across the country.

“CSH staff has contributed to the development of hundreds of units of supportive housing for homeless populations, including a variety of sub-grops., including homeless vets, homeless youth, homeless persons with AIDs/HIV. Their work continues to provide a beacon of light for many individuals who otherwise might not access decent, safe housing.”
-Pamela, Professional with Expertise in This Field

Subsidized Housing
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HomesNOW Not Later

Bellingham, WA
HomesNOW has a simple mission: to build tiny homes and rehabilitate boarded-up houses in North Washington, helping the homeless and underserved have a safe place to lay their heads.

Through communities of tiny homes, the organization gives shelter to those who need a place to stay while they get back on their feet. Since its inception in 2017, HomesNOW has permanently placed more than 70 individuals in homes of their own. In addition, the organization provides food, clothing, and other resources in conjunction with other local nonprofits and government agencies.

The organization receives no federal funding and relies entirely on private donations to continue its mission.

“The people at HomesNow are passionate about housing the homeless, and I have complete faith that this group will make it happen. There have been many obstacles along the way, preventing tiny homes from being built, but HomesNow keeps moving forward doing whatever they can to help our homeless neighbors. I’m so thankful to be part of this organization.”

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