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Support Those with Mental Health Disorders During Mental Health Awareness

Photo Source: Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Nearly one in five American adults lives with a mental health disorders, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Yet despite these statistics, we shy away from conversations about mental health. These nonprofit organizations work to help those with mental health disorders find treatment. 

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, consider supporting these nonprofits working to make the world a better place for those with mental health disorders.

Mental Health Disorders
Photo Source: Washburn Center for Children

Washburn Center for Children

Minneapolis, MN
The Washburn Center serves children ages 0-17 and their families, addressing mental illness and challenges such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, behavioral problems, trauma, grief, and other mental health disorders. The Center also supports caregivers and families, equipping them with the tools they need to support these children and help them thrive.

The Washburn Center serves more than 10,000 families annually through both in-patient and outpatient programs.

“Washburn staff are so competent and caring, and they work tirelessly to address the needs of kids with serious emotional and behavioral problems. Many of these kids will stave off significant, chronic problems later in life, because of efforts of Washburn during their childhood years. Keep up the great work Washburn!!”
-Jurgen, Donor

Mental Health Disorders
Photo Source: Schizophrenia and Related Disorders Alliance of America Facebook

Schizophrenia and Related Disorders Alliance of America

Houston, TX
SARDAA serves people with schizophrenia and related disorders, helping them improve their lives. Through support, education, and advocacy, SARDAA aims to end the stigma associated with schizoaffective disorders and help those suffering from mental health disorders lead a productive and fulfilling life.

The organization offers programs and support to clients nationwide, providing support and counseling services for those in need.

“SARDAA taught me to advocate for my recovery by connecting with self-help groups like Schizophrenia Anonymous. In doing so, I have been able to speak for others who do not have a voice.”
-Ldsten216, Professional with Experience in the Field and Client Served

Mental Health Disorders
Photo Source: Brain and Behaviour Research Foundation Facebook

Brain & Behavior Research Foundation

New York, NY
The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation is dedicated to helping those living with mental health disorders live more fulfilling lives. The organization awards research grants to groups seeking new, innovative treatment solutions. 100% of all donations go towards these grants.

The Foundation is the nation’s leading non-government funder of mental health research. Since the organization’s founding in 1987, it has awarded more than $400 million in grants to those seeking treatments and cures for common mental health disorders.

“The work they do is of critical importance. I long for the day when my loved ones can be cured of the horrible diseases (bipolar, anxiety, and schizophrenia) which have ruined their lives. The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation is funding research that may make my dreams, and the dreams of millions who suffer from these devastating mental illnesses, a reality.”
-Community Donor

Mental Health Disorders
Photo Source: Tourette Syndrome Association Inc. Facebook

Tourette Syndrome Association Inc

Houston, TX
The Houston chapter of the larger Tourette Association of America stands out as an exemplary nonprofit organization. The nonprofit serves children living with Tourette’s and helps their families support those living with Tourette’s. The organization provides education, support groups, a summer camp opportunity, scholarships, and direct support to youth living with Tourette’s and their families.

“After a diagnosis of Tourette’s, there is often a feeling of isolation, fear, and panic. Never having had any experience with Tourette’s, we didn’t know where to turn, how to get information, or how to receive the support families need to cope. By reading the valuable information on the Tourette Texas website, we were able to navigate through solving school issues, finding reliable physicians, and organizing a support group with the help of the TSA of Texas staff. Knowing you are not alone in this TS journey is so important to the peace of mind of so many families. Having a compassionate resource like TSA of Texas has made such an incredible difference in our lives.”
-Community Member and Client Served

Mental Health Disorders
Photo Source: Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Facebook

Depression And Bipolar Support Alliance

Chicago, IL
DBSA envisions wellness for all people living with depression, bipolar disorder, and associated mental health disorders. The peer-led organization serves the community through educational courses, brochures, and access to resources, giving each client the tools they need to advocate for their own mental health. Those suffering from depression or bipolar disorder can find 24/7 access to online resources and support designed to give hope to those with mental illness.

“DBSA plays a critical role in our communities by offering a person with a mood disorder the opportunity to be around others who truly understand what they are going through AND an opportunity to set their sights on living in wellness. I only wished I’d known of them 20 years earlier!”
-WellYOU, Professional with Expertise in the Field

If you or someone you know is struggling with a mental health disorder, there are many nonprofit organizations dedicated to providing them support. To find an organization in your area, or to donate to an organization serving those with mental illness, search our website at