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Top-Rated Women’s Rights Nonprofits

Top-Rated Women's Rights Nonprofits

Women’s March 2018 – USA Today

If you couldn’t attend the Women’s March this weekend, you can still show your support for the women’s rights movement. Here are some top-rated women’s nonprofits that you can donate to:

Her Justice (New York, NY)

her justice

“I had knocked on many organizations’ doors and nobody was able to assist me until I came to Her Justice. This organization not only provided me with legal assistance but also with moral support; I felt secure and comfortable throughout the process.” – Writer

Donate to Her Justice


Alliance For International Women’s Rights (East Chatham, NY)

Alliance for International Women's Rights

As an AIWR volunteer mentor and teacher for almost a decade, I am privileged to walk with courageous Afghan girls and women who are committed to empowerment despite many cultural challenges. Working with my students is humbling, enlightening and rewarding whether they are in high school or a medical doctor returning to university for an advanced degree. The AIWR staff is consistently supportive of mentors, teachers, and students.” – Nanook2

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Days for Girls International (Lynden, WA)

Days for Girls

Days for Girls makes a huge impact in the world, not only through providing a simple hygiene solution that makes a difference for thousands of women and girls but also through the way Days for Girls mobilizes volunteers and social entrepreneurs in order to accomplish this. Through its unique, hybrid approach, Days for Girls has reached 300,000 women and girls in over 100 countries.” – Leah19

Donate to Days for Girls


Truth Be Told (Austin, TX)

Truth be Told

TBT empowers women behind bars to transform into gifted contributors to society. I was an inmate in TDCJ at the Lockhart Unit. TBT taught me to embrace the truth of my story and to recognize patterns, triggers etc. There is not a day goes by that I don’t reflect on my TBT experience.” – Lunarkate

Donate to Truth Be Told


Women Employed (Chicago, IL)

women employed

I’ve volunteered with Women Employed for over a decade because they are meeting a need that few other groups address. The working poor, and low-wage working women, in particular, have Women Employed to thank for advocating for equal opportunity laws, equal pay for equal work, earning sick days, workplace rights for pregnant women, college financial aid for working adults, and fighting against unfair scheduling.” – clc18

Donate to Women Employed


Sisters 4 Sisters Network (Lanham, MD)

Sister 4 Sister Network

Joining and being a part of Sisters 4 Sisters Network and making key connections within it has changed my life and business in many ways. The organization offers such an extensive array of projects and existing networks to align with that every woman willing to do her work will benefit, and more than that, her community will thrive as a result!” – destined80

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