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Volunteering at GreatNonprofits: An Intern Spills The Beans

One volunteer shares their experiences as a 2017 summer intern for GreatNonprofits.

What inspired you to do volunteer work this summer?

As for many other college students, the concept of an unpaid internship was initially difficult for me to swallow. However, I was glad that I would be able to contribute my skills to a non profit organization. Our operation is small but the work that each of us contributes means something and has a lasting impact. That was important to me.

What were your first impressions of GreatNonprofits?

What really stood out to me was the diversity of our nonprofit. At a typical staff meeting, half of us will meet in a conference room, while the other employees are calling in from all over the world – Hungary, the Philippines, and Brazil, to name a few!  Working right next to Silicon Valley, which so often is a white male dominated space, I’m glad to be in an organization that embodies so much more.

What is a day volunteering at GreatNonprofits like?

At 10 am, I’ll pull up a seat at our open work space and break out my laptop. I’ll start off the day checking up on our social media – liking, re-tweeting, and going over stats. My time is focused on creating and posting online content, from featured stories from GreatNonprofits users, to inspirational quotes for a daily pick-me-up. Halfway through the day I’ll head to lunch with my coworkers at a nonprofit cafe across the street, and often end up splitting a side of fries. Occasionally the entire office will get together to do the preferred nonprofit activity of choice – volunteering for other nonprofits. Our building is entirely occupied by non for profit organizations, so it’s an easy place to volunteer!

Our office at a volunteer event.


What is your favorite part of the day?

I love taking an hour every day to find the diverse stories that we feature on our social media pages. Skimming through our top-rated nonprofit list, I’ll read everything from a heartfelt tale of how a family adopted their rescue puppy to a downright tear-jerking story from a mother who owes the life of her child to a nonprofit that provided medical assistance or financial aid. It allows me to take the thousands of nonprofits registered on our site and boil down to the individuals who are actually affected. It’s pretty incredible.

What have you gained from the experience of volunteering?

I always felt like my work was worth less if I wasn’t getting paid for it. Having volunteered for the summer at GreatNonprofits, I recognize that the many different things I’ve accomplished here will actually have a lasting impact on both nonprofits and individuals.

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