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How Many Nonprofits Do You Visit In A Week?


Did you know that your local Little League is a nonprofit?

You visit nonprofits more often than you might think. Have you been to a museum lately? How about services at your local church or synagogue?  Or maybe your children play sports in Little League? Many public libraries are supported by nonprofit foundations and even some zoos and aquariums.

So, you’ve probably visited a nonprofit this week without even knowing it! GreatNonprofits lists every 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the country. That means your neighborhood place of worship, library, favorite museum and little league can all be reviewed on our site! Now is the time to write reviews about your local nonprofits. The easiest way to help nonprofits in your community get more attention and funding is to write a quick review today! Plus they could win a spot on our 2013 Top-Rated List. Start by searching by your zip code.